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Educational Research 

Eye tracking is used to improve their text content and their student's progress and is helping you to make strides in the educational field. In addition, by monitoring student's attitudes, attention, and concentration, and providing real-time feedback to teachers, the efficiency of the educational process can be improved.

Understanding different aspects of learning

Eye tracking is a great tool to study visual attention and social interaction in all learning settings. By understanding how different aspects of the knowledge process shape educational outcomes, researchers can effectively design, evaluate, and improve education.

Eye tracking helps you discover:

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Child being Eye Tracked while reading a text. Gaze replay shows fixations and saccades.

Boy being eye tracked while playing on the Teletubbies website. The boys sister shouts in the back changing the boys mind, which becomes obvious looking at the gaze replay of the boy.



Girl in front of laptop online learning

Lund University - Eye tracking lab

Lund University offers a state-of-the-art eye tracking lab for multi-disciplinary research. Consisting of 17 Tobii Pro Spectrums and three wearable eye trackers, the lab is used for research and teaching across various faculties. 

Eye tracking adds a new dimension in experimental economics

The WISO-Research Lab at the University of Hamburg in Germany has equipped their lab with thirty eye trackers in order to better understand cognitive processes behind decision making when running their economic research.

Slovak University of technology in Bratislava

The Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies at the Slovak University of Technology, the largest and oldest university of technology in Slovakia, has introduced a fully-equipped eye tracking classroom, as well as an eye tracking lab.

Kennesaw state University

Eye tracking was used in this preliminary research study by Kennesaw State University to investigate student gaze patterns during physical science lectures. It discovered that classroom attention is impacted by various factors throughout the duration of the lecture

Western Kentucky University

Eye tracking was used in a visual communication research project on information concerning potable water. Researchers from Western Kentucky University investigated the effectiveness of visual design on instructional materials intended to educate West African residents about personal and public water use, water pollution and conservation. 

University of Bucharest

Recognizing a need for academic institutions to keep abreast of the rapidly changing business landscape and labor market needs, the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work at the University of Bucharest has introduced a new course on eye tracking research methodology to their curriculum.

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